Code Of Conduct

  1. Members must ensure they, their employees and contractors comply with all applicable State and Federal Legislation, in particular the Security Providers Act and Regulation.
  2. Ensure the firm acts with integrity in its dealings with its clients, suppliers, competitors, regulatory authorities and the general public, in particular does not engage in false, misleading or deceptive conduct or otherwise bring the security industry into disrepute.
  3. Members must ensure their employees and contractors are provided with a safe working environment, are appropriately supported in the delivery of services on behalf of the member and are fairly remunerated in accordance with current legislation.
  4. Members must ensure their employees and contractors deliver security services in a competent and professional manner as well as considering the public interest and need to maintain privacy and confidentiality.
  5. Members must ensure that proper and accurate records are maintained to meet the requirements of current legislation and enable regulatory authorities and this association to determine levels of compliance.
  6. Members must not engage on or associate with another firm which engages in unethical, improper or illegal methods to obtain business, including any conflicts of interest.
  7. Members must engage in industry best practice in the delivery of services and must actively participate in industry related forums designed to raise the standard of member’s service delivery.
  8. Members must have in place procedures to deal promptly with complaints about the provision of its services and actively engage in the resolution of complaints raised with the association through its complaints, management policy.
  9. Members are to ensure they proactively raise breaches of the code of conduct with the association when there come to the attention of the firm.
  10. Where a breach of the code of conduct is brought to the attention of the association, the association will raise this with the member in writing and provide the member with the opportunity to remedy the breach in the first